About us, our team and projects
Metro pokupok, logistics service
Our Mission
We help firms to solve the problems of business documents and parcels courier delivery in the country and abroad at competitive price. We guarantee quick terms of delivery. We treat every cargo with care. We present our customers’ interest to their partners’ mind the best way.
Our Company is a team of associates, who considers that they are socially responsible for the future of our country, to the sociality, owners, partners and their collaborators.
We are sure that using new technologies, expanding scope and realizing new ideas, new possibilities for our customers.
Our future is to save trust in the express delivery market.

Philosophical credo
Even in busy times, you can see joy. Yes, yes, let's make each letter a hotbed of joy. We know that flowers do not grow on ice, let the ice melt under the warmth of the heart. The most "unsolvable" problems are enlightened by joy with METRO Pokupok
Our projects

The courier service LLC «METRO POKUPOK» as franchisees of CDEK
As a partner company CDEK
LLC “METRO POKUPOK" has the opportunity to cooperate with companies from Russia and other countries. Management company CDEK acts in the role of a controller, maintainer the transactions by legal, logistics schemes, IT solutions.
The project aims are: 
 to meet the final user’s needs in the convenient, low cost and quick delivery of the goods purchased remotely. 
 to assist in the realizing the e-commerce business aims due to the increasing the market sales of goods and high quality service;
 within the corporate strategy CDEK to choose the strategies (3 business strategies) and the tactics (conception of marketing mix ) of the development of the enterprise to obtain planned profit in 2015-2021.
In the project the company is focused on two target segments:
 online stores;
 other firms.

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